A picture is worth a thousand words!

Is a picture worth a thousand dollars?

The short answer is Yes!

By using a professional photographer to photograph your most important asset you could potentially add thousands of dollars to your final sale price, here’s how.

First impressions are crucially important, the first impression for today’s online buyer will likely be from a photograph, this is the defining tipping point, between the buyer engaging in your property or moving to the next property on the list, professional photos help tip the scales in your favour, they are more compelling and convey a sense of quality, properties with professional photos have been proven to receive twice as many views online than those without professional photography.

A study was conducted by the Redfin Corporation to compare listings in the Boston area photographed with amateur point and shoot cameras, versus professional DSLR photography,

Some of the key Facts from this study are:

Homes shot with Professional photography.

  • Drive 61% more online attention.
  • Are associated with a 47% higher asking price per square foot, and helps sellers command a price significantly closer to their asking price.
  • Homes in the 400k > 1M range on average sold faster.
  • The sale-to-list price ratio was higher by an amount between .4% to 6%, for example, homes with professional photography in the $500,000 range sold on average for $6811 more than those without professional photography.

In conclusion is a picture worth a thousand dollars ? YES! Does it cost a thousands dollars ? NO!


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